Dear present and future VOTUM® users!


More than 2 million people today have successfully used the system VOTUM® in training, education and management.

Moreover, there are about 20 million our potential users in Russia (from kindergartens to universities and businesses).

According to our grateful users, the implementation of the system VOTUM® allows to solve the tasks which modern educational and business institutions face with.

For nowadays users of our interactive system, VOTUM® is a tool for increasing the educational and administrative efficiency.

Our future users can face with a question- why they need to choose VOTUM®?

And it’s pleasant for me to inform YOU, that VOTUM® has lots of opportunities that other systems do not have. 


Only VOTUM® has:

  1. Convenient integration with textbooks, workbooks and other educational literature, relevant GEF. Screen is not needed for questions and answers, there is no need to collect notebooks for checking, etc.

    2. The answers from the remotes in Russian or in other languages.

    3.  An opportunity not to offer any answers to pupils

    4. The Individual written test in the Centralized Testing format, which is not needed to be checked by a teacher.

    5. Integration with electronic journals. It allows making the registration of the lesson, to put marks to EJ automatically.

    6. Integration with content from leading Russian developers of content for education - and others

    7. The editor of ANY formula -chemical, mathematical, etc

    8. Developer support hotline in RUSSIAN.

    9. VOTUM® revision according to your wishes.

    10. LIFETIME warranty

    11. Free testing before buying.

    12. Service to convert ANY test in VOTUM® format.

    13. Great discounts for educational institutions.

And this is just the key VOTUM® features! In reality VOTUM® system has wide opportunities. If You have any questions - write and call - I am happy to talk with you about VOTUM®, because I'm not only the author but also an active VOTUM® user.

For those who uses another testing system and doubts that VOTUM® is actually better, we have a special offer - “Test VOTUM® and change old testing system to VOTUM® for FREE”.